World War 'C' – Micron Laser

World War 'C'

by Bryan Roberts .

on April 21, 2020

It’s been a little over 100 years since the 1918 influenza pandemic.  Although health records in the early 1900’s were much less accurate than those of the current era, conservative accounts place the number of deaths at a minimum of 50 million (3-5 times that of World War 1 casualties).  

This week the world population surpassed the 2 million mark of COVID 19 cases.  With most experts predicting an 18-month timeline for a vaccine, the #WorldWarC is quite accurate.  We as a species are at war with this vicious enemy. 

As an ITAR registered manufacturer, building defense products for the US military, Micron Laser has always felt a strong sense of responsibility to protect the freedoms all Americans value.  In light of this war, we find ourselves in, we are dedicating a portion of our resources towards manufacturing PPE (personal protective equipment). We will begin to offer PPE products on our website starting April 15th, starting with face shields.  Along with offering PPE products for purchase on our website, we are setting aside manufacturing resources for other manufacturers of PPE.   

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