RFQ – Micron Laser

Micron Laser will respond to your request for quote same day if submitted prior to the day’s end of the business. Samples or feasibility requests can be made using the same “Request for Quote” forms below. For a quotation on materials visit our online store.

Our goal is to make the quotation process as simple, quick, and accurate as possible. 3-step process for requesting a quotation:

 Select a Service - Choose a service or application from the list below.
 Job info - Complete the quote form with your project details.
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If you would like to keep track of any previous quotes, as well as any current and past orders, please visit your account page.


General Laser Services

General laser services - cutting, drilling, skiving, marking, prototyping, & micromachining.

Adhesives and Tapes

Laser cut adhesive, bonding film, PSA, or tape stock into any shape in sheet or roll formats.

Gaskets and Washers

Custom cut gaskets & washers from a wide variety of rubbers, metals, and plastics.

Preform Routing

Cost-effective solution for converting most any sheet or roll stock materials into ‘preforms’.

Shadow Masks

Low cost, quick turn alternative to photolithography masks (features >/= 25um).


Frame-less stencils are used for applying solder paste, flux, solder balls, and more.

Brackets and Shims

Laser cut adhesive, bonding film, PSA, or tape stock into any shape in sheet or roll formats.

pcb services

Cavity Formation

Laser formed cavities in most dielectrics for embedding components or pad exposure.

Coverlay Routing

Nearly carbon-free, laser routed coverfilm or coverlay prior to lamination to PCB's.


Laser depaneling or part excising through metals, plastics, most dielectrics, and more.

Microvia Drilling

Blind, step, stacked, and through microvia drilling services for copper clad laminates.

PCB Routing

Laser routing is ideal for close tolerance rigid and flexible circuit board designs.

PCB Skiving

Laser skiving services that allow for the controlled removal of material.

Soldermask Removal

Selectively laser remove solder mask from unwanted areas like test points, pads, & holes.

Squeeze-out Removal

Laser removed adhesives or resins that squeezes out into unwanted areas.

IC Laser Marking and Remarking

Marking, demarking, and remarking services for molded and metalized packages of integrated circuits (ICs).

ZIF Routing

Close tolerance routing of ZIF connectors applications with stiffeners.