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Laser Material Processing & Contract Manufacturing

Micron Laser Technology is an AS9100 / ISO9001 certified and ITAR registered laser service provider for the medical, aerospace, defense, and electronics industries.

With an 18,000 sqft facility dedicated to laser material processing utilizing twenty plus laser systems of various wavelengths, Micron Laser Technology (MLT) advances their customers’ schedules, process capabilities, and product differentiation. Laser process applications include laser drilling, close tolerance routing, control depth skiving, part marking, prototyping, and micro-machining.

With the custom integration of CO2, UV, and YAG laser systems and more than 20 years of laser process development, MLT has specialized in the laser machining of most any metal or plastic of less than .100″ in thickness. By employing high-resolution encoders/galvos and optical alignment, MLT provides a positional and dimensional accuracy of up to +/- 10um.

Additionally, MLT provides dedicated laser applications for rigid (PCB) and flexible circuit (FPC) manufacturers inclusive of microvia (uVia) drilling, ZIF routing, squeeze-out removal, window skiving, selective soldermask removal, trace trimming, part marking, serialization, cavity formation, and general PCB rework.

We’re proud to offer Same Day turn times!

Throughout our company’s history, our laser processing solutions have enabled new technologies that protect our troops overseas to the successful operation of the Mars land rover. We do it with integrity and never compromising values instilled by MLT founder, Sig Jensen. The core values of our company define more than just how we do business, but how we interact between team members and our customers.

Micron Laser Technology’s core values are based on the personal responsibility of duty and a workplace environment that promotes personal fulfillment and professional growth. In order to accomplish that effectively, we have defined our core values as:


We believe integrity is the foundation of our employees and corporation. It is being honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions. It is honoring our commitments and being accountable to the health and safety of people, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies.

It is Integrity that inspires trust in our customers, our partners, and our employees. Integrity is the real strength of our business and the foundation that defines our culture.


We make sure that everything we produce is of a consistently high quality so that we increase our customers’ net value in the eyes of their own customers. We continuously strive to be the standard by which laser performance is measured.

Our reputation for quality work is based on nearly twenty years of experience in the PCB industry. A strong reputation is built on word-of-mouth advertising that comes from providing a quality service and on time delivery.

To achieve high quality, each employee receives laser excellence training, accepts responsibility and ownership for their assigned tasks, and produces a quality product that they would be proud to put their name on.


Innovation fully embraces the discovery of what is possible and allows for the identification of a novel idea that creates new value. By making innovation part of each individual’s job responsibility, employees are encouraged to look for the ‘value’ in everything we do and how this value may impact our customers.

Our innovation makes us a stronger, more capable company and creates a sustainable future for our customers and ourselves. The work of innovation itself is made sustainable through the consistent and well-paced investment in our employees. It is our innovation that drives the creativity, courage, and collaboration to deliver cost-effective, laser services that advance our customers’ market position and technical capabilities.


On-going development of employee potential is critical for business success. Mentoring is adopted as an effective transfer of knowledge in a way that is not quite possible in regular training. It creates a more cohesive and open atmosphere in our workplace, with everybody working together with the same objectives in mind.

Mentoring is encouraged on all levels from the top-down to the bottom-up. It provides the necessary communication to synchronize employee strengths and ambitions with the company’s vision. All are equal partners in a team effort to achieve the best possible results for our customers.

Mentoring is a deliberate act for employee professional development that takes advantage of the knowledge and experience of all our business processes and the creativity of all our team members. Investing in the success of our employees is an investment in our future, our community, and our customers


What began in a rural barn has grown into one of the largest laser service providers in North America. While employed with Tektronix, MLT founder, Sig Jensen, identified laser applications that could advance printed circuit board design and fabrication. In the mid-nineties, Sig secured a mortgage on his residence to purchase his first laser system. This laser was facilitated in his barn in Scappoose, Oregon and is still a production tool today.

His entrepreneurial drive coupled with fervor for laser technology and material science soon outpaced the barn’s available space as two additional laser systems were placed into production. With pending site visits from major aerospace and defense contractors, Sig purchased our existing 18,000 sqft facility in Hillsboro, Oregon to make the right impression. Today, this same location contains more than twenty laser tools that provide superior laser services both nationally and internationally.

Traditional manufacturing limits were exceeded by Sig’s ability to match laser technology with process application. This required innovation. This innovation was made manifest by transforming single-process laser systems into flexible, multi-use, multi-process laser tools that improved laser performance and broadened the laser service offerings.

Micron Laser Technology is well known for its PCB laser services and as experts in laser part manufacturing in both the medical and aerospace industries. We thrive on providing a service or product that advances product design or manufacture. We understand that our customers’ success is directly tied to our own. Our services and product offerings are infused with the founder’s commitment to “service, price, turn-time, and consistency”.